About the artist



My name is Lilly Pelz. I am an artist and I am studying fine arts at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf since 2017.
I started my studies as a painter, but my works developed into conceptional 3D-works over the past two years.
The topics of my works always have a psycological or philosophical backround. There is rarely a work that develops only out of an interest for a certain material, even though I love to play with different substances and textures to create a work.
The most important topics in my objects and installations are Love, self-development, healing, parallel-worlds, vulnerability, openness, pain and personal conflicts that I process and reflect in my art. Very often my art works like a mirror of my own mind to me. It’s like I am processing something in it while I’m working on something and when it’s done and I’m looking at it, I’m seeing the actual point of it. I think it’s fascinating to actually see my subconcousness working. 

I often hear that, particularly my latest artworks have a scary touch to it. A brutality even. But I think that might be the point of it. Being honest and open and vulnerabel can feel brutal to oneself. It’s scary, because you open yourself up, knowing that you might get hurt. I think for a while, I wanted to see people that I was hurting, by making the pain visible in my works, because I couldn’t describe it out loud. Today I think I simply found beauty in it, accepting that there is nothing wrong with pain, that it rather is a necessity to grow and process fully and completely. That there is always a risk to be taken, when you show yourself to a person, but that you have lost already if you only dance on tiptoes on the surface. I read a text ones, that said: „The cure to loneliness is to befriend it“, and I found this a very beautiful thought. I also translated the way I deal with my fears with this idea. I like the shift of perspective in this. I think I used it for fears of insects, death and being soft and open. For taking a step back and letting different thoughts arise, that include empathy and evaluating a situation through the eyes of your counterpart. 

Gathering all of these thoughts and intentions, I think my work is simply an expression of humanity and of all the challenges that life throws at us. But maybe that’s what life is about: growing, getting to know yourself a little bit better with every battle you won, not because you fought the hardest, or because you where stronger than your opponent, but because you learn to simply accept certain things and develop a kind of relaxation, by knowing, that we are all human. We all have our own battles to fight, our own conflicts to process.